Humans don’t have a great track record of ‘knowing it all’

We have all seen the videos of a certain president who proclaims that he knows “more about [blank] than anybody.” Whatever it is — trade, ISIS, technology, walls, military, spray tans — he knows more than the so-called experts.

And we all laugh.

But do we act much differently in…

Instead, focus your limited resources on having more experiences.

Yesterday, I was perusing the fancy furniture website, Room & Board, thinking about how I could redecorate my living room. Our rug and couch are getting a little old, at least to me, and we are fortunate to have some money saved. …

It was scary at first, but now I would never go back.

I’ll never forget the night when my husband confronted me after finding my profile on Grindr, a gay dating and hookup app.

I had never cheated on him, but I still felt put in a corner. …

We should focus on our internal values, not just what society tells us is important.

Recently, I was in a small social setting with people who seemed to be having a contest — with me as a bystander — for who had the fancier, better life.

Though these were definitely good people, I had to wonder whether they were coming at these topics from a…

Reflections on the fragility of existence, both plant & human.

I’m sitting alone by a river in my camping chair in the middle of the San Juans, listening to the fierceness of spring snowmelt, and trying to figure out the reason the water is rippling where it’s rippling.

I picked this spot in particular because I knew that something —…

She doesn’t worry, despite the imperfections in her life.

Have you ever noticed that cats don’t notice themselves in mirrors?

At least mine doesn’t.

I always wondered why they weren’t more fascinated by their own image or even thought it was another cat they could play with.

Heck, my cat will play with her own tail.

Then it hit…

Whereas human beings, here on Earth, are immobilized by pettiness and the religion of personal accountability.

Sometimes, all I can do is imagine it: A more-sophisticated extraterrestrial traversing inch by inch through my night sky, connecting dots that my little eyes cannot resolve as two separate and distinct objects, because they are so far away.

While I sit in my little house, wondering what my finite…

How I reconcile my desire to go off the grid with my need to make positive change.

Last week, I was driving on a dirt road in the barren desert of eastern Utah, where I was looking for a place to park my car for the night. Arches National Park was “full,” and the lighted sign there said to check back in three hours. I said, screw…

You don’t have to like it, but you aren’t allowed to shut off the mike.

Back in 1896, the owner of The New York Times stated a goal was “to make of the columns of The New York Times a forum for the consideration of all questions of public importance, and to that end to invite intelligent discussion from all shades of opinion.” …

Am I afraid of a semi-hostile world?

It’s raining outside.

I’m in a forest somewhere in Colorado.

My car is full of things that should be outside.

I’m in here, because the ground is soggy, and the atmosphere is intimidating.

I have blankets.

I have dry socks.

I hear the rain on my roof, and it’s melodic…

Cee Vinny

PhD from Harvard • Scientist • Dreamer • Trying to make sense out of a seemingly senseless universe • I may be wrong

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